Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taylor Meets Ryan

Taylor (Maci's boyfriend) had the pleasure of meeting Ryan last night!

Ryan, Maci, Taylor and some friends partied in downtown Chattanooga at Raw (night club).

Ryan tweeted: @tmon3yy good to meet you brother

Taylor replied: you too bud

Seems like for once everyone is getting along, which is really great for Bentley!

Friday, January 25, 2013

This is AMAZING: Maci is the spitting image of her mom!

You have got to see this...

Maci posted this photo of her and her mother on Instagram last night: Enjoying wine night with my momma andby best friend! Love her to death. #gingers #twins #motherdaughter.

Ever wonder where Maci got her devastating good looks? That would be from her mother Sharon Bookout! It's unbelievable how much they look alike... they could pass as twins! 

Do you think Maci and her mom look alike? Hit the comments!

pre-instagramed version (posted by Sharon)
Matt, Maci, Gene and Sharon. Beatiful family photo

Guess who's in the 423

... Maci's boyfriend Taylor! Taylor flew from Texas to Chattanooga with his friends Alex to spend some quality time with Maci... and party of course!

There may not be a spin-off show after all...

Rumors have been floating around since August of last year that Maci got a spin-off show. Fans have been getting really excited due to the fact that multiple photos of Maci and Bentley being filmed have been continually popping up on the internet. Sadly there is a possibility that no such show is happening.

Kirsten Malone (MTV's Teen Mom supervisor and director) has been tweeting to the original cast of Teen Mom in December of last year. Her tweets have been hinting that the reason Maci has been spotted with a film crew is because they are filming a where are they now, or a catch up special.

After Ryan's twitter proposal to Maci, Kirsten replied: "I leave for five minutes!! Hold up!!" This either shows that MTV is there filming something, or she just really close with them and visiting. This tweet was released at the same time the photos of Maci with a film crew surfaced. After I saw this tweet I got excited thinking maybe this is one more fact to prove the spin-off show was happening.

Later in the week I saw that Kirsten tweeted to Catelynn and Tyler saying she was coming to see them.
After that I started doubting the spin-off show and started leaning towards a catch up special with the original
cast of Teen Mom, however she did not tweet to Gary or Farrah.

Since she didn't tweet to Gary or Farrah, I started thinking maybe she is not as close (friendship wise) to them and just called them to tell them they are coming to film. The possibly that Catelynn and Maci will get a spin-off show also stuck me. I guess we will have to wait and see.

What do you guys think? Has MTV been filming Maci and Catelynn for spin-off shows, or have they been filming the entire original cast of Teen Mom for a catch up special?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bentley is sick :(

On Monday, January 21, Maci tweeted: woke up to a sick little boy... looks like im doctor momma today!

Sadley the lil tike is still under the weather. Yesterday Maci tweeted: my poor baby is sick 

In the wee hours of this morning Maci tweeted: wish i could fall asleep... and i wish bentley wasnt sick... and i wish i could take care of him all day tomorrow instead of going to school

Hope Bentley get to feeling better soon. It's so sad to see little kids miserable. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Maci and her boyfriend are...

Maci and her boyfriend are Twitter official!

As far as we know, Taylor and Maci have only been dating for a few weeks, but they're already boyfriend-girlfriend status. In fact, Maci is currently in Dallas, where she gave Taylor the surprise of his life. "To all y'all who were involved in this surprise....ya got me," Taylor tweeted, to which Maci responded "say it, best girlfriend ever."

Taylor obviously gave Maci a shoutout, tweeting"Alright. Your good," and one of Maci's best friends Raj  tweeted "ahhh sh*t its Official.."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maci surprises new boyfriend with _ ________ ____!

Maci with the help of friends surprised her new boyfriend Taylor with a surprise visit! Taylor was actually surprised, and tweeted about how great of a girlfriend Maci is!

Taylor lives in Texas, and Maci lives in Tennessee. So far the long distant relationship is working. Taylor even got to meet Bentley!

Taylor instagramed this: #TBT @MaciBookoutMTV