Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maci Moving To Texas With Bentley?

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout is currently visiting Texas with her friends, and ex-boyfriend, Kyle Regal, and is having a blast!

In fact, Maci is having so much fun, that she says she wants to move to the Lone Star state with her friend Raj and Bentley!


She tweets: “I think Bentley, @Rajic_Carpet, and I are moving to Texas,” However, don’t worry friends; it’s very unlikely that she was being serious.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Maci and Kyle... King/Regal?

Maci and Kyle Regal in March 2012
Maci just announced that she broke it off with long-trem boyfriend Kyle King yet again on September 23, 2012. Yesterday she flew out to Texas to hang out with her ex- boyfriend Kyle Regal (Kyle 2.0 Pro Supercross/Motocross racer) The two dated for a short period of just two months in-between her and Kyle King's breakup last February. Could she be dating Kyle Regal yet again? Which Kyle do you think is right for her? Leave a comment below :)

Maci and Kyle King                                                                  Maci and Kyle Regal                             

Thursday, September 27, 2012

[INTERVIEW] 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout On Why She's All 'Bout Voting This Year

Like many of you, "Teen Mom" Maci Bookout will be voting for the first time during the 2012 presidential election!

She talks to us about the importance of learning about the candidates and how super vital it is for people to get out and vote. On top of that, Maci also mentions how easy it is to get registered to vote which is perf timing since today is National Voter Registration Day. Check out our Q&A with Maci below, in which she also talks about her BF (now ex BF) Kyle voting and if Bentley were prez!

ACT: Why is it important for young people to vote?

MACI: Young people voting is extremely important because our demographic is the largest number of voters. We are typically all facing the same issues and concerns, so if we take the initiative to get involved in the debates and campaigns, and then follow that by voting, we have a greater chance of making a change in our favor.

ACT: Why did you want to get involved in MTV’s Power of 12 campaign?

MACI: I wanted to be involved in the Power of 12 campaign because it gave me the push that I needed to jump in on the election and get the information I needed to make the right choice and vote for what is important to me! I also believe it is a great way to get other young people, like myself, involved while making it easier on them to understand what this election is about.

ACT: Where do you get your political news (from friends, TV, online, etc)?

MACI: I take in knowledge from everywhere. There are many political discussions in my classes at my college (I'm a media tech major), so we are constantly talking about the media and what is going on in this election.

ACT: Will you and Kyle go vote together on November 6?

MACI: My goal right now is to get enough information about each campaign, so that I feel comfortable voting in the first place. After I feel like I have enough info, then I'll be ready to vote on November 6. I am doing my best to keep Kyle, and my friends very interested and involved so that they will vote too!

ACT: How was the voter registration process?

MACI: Registering to vote was extremely easy. I went to renew my license after my birthday. All I had to do was check my voter registration box, and then I received my voter's card! Piece of cake.

ACT: Would you ever want Bentley to grow up to be president one day?

MACI: I'll support him no matter what he wants to be!

ACT: What would you say to a friend who thinks their vote doesn’t matter?

MACI: I'd say that if they don't make themselves and their vote matter, then nobody in office is going to think so either. There are 45 million young people eligible to vote in this election, making it this single largest voting bloc (which means, if this generation came out to vote, they could truly set the agenda). How important is it that young people use this power? Like I said before, this is an amazing advantage that we have. If we don't use our power to make a change for our generation then nobody will! We have the loudest voice, and we need to use it!

For more on Maci and the election watch the video below in which she talks about being a first-time voter.

+Watch "Teen Mom" Maci Urges First-Time Voters: Get Registered

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Episode 5: 'Homecoming' -- July 11, 2012

by Maci Bookout on 07/17/12
This week you guys watched me register for yet another semester of college. With Bentley starting preschool, I felt I would have much more time to devote to school so I felt obligated to sign up for a full-time schedule of five classes. After speaking with multiple advisers at my college, I realized that I was overloading my schedule once again.  Even if I didn't want to believe it, I was setting a goal that wasn't realistic.  I realized that having a lighter schedule was the better way to go.
You were also able to see what one of my struggles in actually getting to school was, and that would be Mr.Bentley. I was used to him being with me at every moment, and it was hard for me to leave him and go to school. Let's be honest here, who in the world would rather sit in class, than spend their day with that adorable boy... NOT me. As upset as it made Bentley and me to be apart, I had to do it. I realized that I was never going to be independent, or have a career that I enjoyed, if I didn't get my degree.
Let's talk about Kyle. He was such a huge help in getting me through that semester. Without him behind me, pushing me the whole way, I wouldn't have made it through those times as well as I did. Plus, it was easier for me knowing that Bentley would be happily spending his time with him while I was at school.
Here is a link to the episode if you didn't catch it:
Tune in next week for Episode Six on MTV at 10pm EST & come back here after for another recap from Maci!

isode Six on MTV at 10pm EST & come back here after for another recap from Maci!