Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maci Bookout Has A New Man!

Thursday nights from 10pm-12am Maci hosts a radio show 103.7! Her co-host Joey wrote an article about her new man. In the article Joey says after 10 minuets giggling, blushing, and dodging my questions Maci admits to being "involved" with this guy.

Yesterday these two got pretty close ice skating together!

What do you think? Are they an official closet couple? 

Are Ryan and Maci together? Ryan sets the record straight!

Ryan sets the record straight about him and Maci on twitter. 

A fan tweets: can u plz set the record straight nd let us all know if u nd maci r actually back together or not?

Ryan replied: no we are not.

Another fan replies to that tweet: r u guys at least friends

Ryan replied: yes

Well, I guess there is no fairy tail ending with Maci and Ryan as fans hoped. I'm glad that they are at least friends with each other for the sake of Bentley!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bentley being filmed at school!

Looks like there is going to be a spin off show!!! There have been several reports of Maci being filmed by a camera crew, but now Bentley has been spotted too with a film crew following him around!

One of Bentley's teachers posted a photo on instagram two weeks ago with the caption "Bentley being filmed at work"

Who is excited for the new show? I can't wait to see when it's going to air on television!!!

Bentley got a new ________ for Christmas!!!

Bentley got a brand new... dirt bike for Christmas. Santa got him a 50cc KTM, lucky boy! He'll be riding like Dungey (professional dirt bike racer for the Red Bull KTM team) in no time!

Bentley got to spend Christmas Eve day with Daddy, and Christmas Eve night with Momma!

Bentley woke up to a ton of presents! He must have been a really good boy this year!

Did Ryan and Maci spend Christmas together?

Ryan had him Christmas Eve day, then dropped Bentley off at Maci's Christmas Eve night. Bentley spent Christmas day with his Momma. Later on, Maci and Bentley stopped by Ryan's house to drop off some yummy fudge. It had not been said if they spent any time together on Christmas Eve, or Christmas day besides the handing off of Bentley.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who's Maci's main thang?

This weekend Maci went to... Dallas! She went on a triple "date" with a couple friends and her rumored boyfriend Taylor.

Last night she tweeted: drinking a beer and and lunch with my main thang @tmon3yy. Today she tweeted: Thanks for a great weekend @tmon3yy gonna miss u and the crew!

For now all we know is she's single and by the looks of it ready to mingle. What do you think, is she going to end up dating Taylor, getting back with Ryan or stay single for awhile?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Will Ryan and Maci be spending the holidays together?

You can believe it! Ryan tweets that one of his friend can go riding with him, Bentley AND Maci!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday, Maci and Bentley get baptized!

Maci and Bentley got baptized in August of 2010 along with Maci's father and brother!

Ryan proposes to Maci, did she say yes?

Can you believe it? Ryan proposed to Maci... through twitter:  
Ryan may have gotten hacked, however they have been hanging out together lately. 

It looks like they have mended their broken friendship, and it's leading to something more! What do you think? Are you happy they are/might (not to sure if they've called it official) together?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maci and Ryan Party Together AGAIN!!!

Last week was the first time Ryan and Maci have hung out together since Bentley was one years old! Last night Ryan tweeted one of Maci's friends and asked if they would go out with him. Sure enough the answer was yes, so Ryan and Maci's friends went out at 9.

Maci was out with Bentley at Rock City viewing the Enchanted Garden of Lights and later met up with them later.

Ryan and Maci hung out AGAIN last night! Ryan is the one with the white watch on, and Maci is the one with the bright yellow-orange nail polish: 
Who's happy they are hanging out again? I'm glad that they are mending their friendship. Who knows, maybe their renewed friendship will lead to something more...

Maci and Bentley went to ______!

Last night Maci and Bentley went to Rock City for the Enchanted Garden of Lights!

Rock City Garden of Lights with my little man! #MerryChristmas

Santa #RockCity

December 19, 2012

Mr. Bentley had a great day today with Memaw and Uncle Matt.

He started the day of with a great breakfast, then got to watch Santa Clause is Coming To Town. Maci's mom Sharon tweeted: Couldn't get DVD out of the box. Bentley said 'push the button Memaw gosh!' Well duh Lol!

Then after the movie and playing with Memaw, Uncle Matt picked him up to go riding on his dirt bike. 

B n me cruisin some woods today

Sthelfies y'all
Check out this video of Bentley riding through a giant puddle today:

Seems like a pretty good day. Oh to be 4 years old again...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ryan and Maci Together!

Looks like their plan followed through! The two did end up going out last night, with a couple of their friends. However, it doesn't seem as if they really hung out together. Below, there is only one pictures of the two of them together in a group photo. Other then that, it seems like they stuck around their friends more then each other. I think its safe to say for now they are just friends, trying to mend a broken friendship/relationship. Who knows what the future might bring!



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ryan and Maci hanging out tonight!

Today, Maci and Ryan have been planning to hangout tonight with Maci's friend/roommate Katie!
Check out their tweets:

To top it all of we have some swapping of significant others going on around here! Ryan's ex-girlfriend Dalis hung out with Maci's ex-boyfriend Kyle last night. Hmm Ryan and Maci... Dalis and Kyle. What do you guys think? Should Maci and Ryan get back together? How do you feel about their exes hanging out? Oh how the tables have turned this week!

What has Mr. Bentley excited?

Today, Maci and her friend/roommate Katie took Bentley to the winter festival in Chattanooga!

haha our excited faces #carnivaltime #benny #playtime

Winter Fest with my best friend! #saturdayfunday

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ryan and Maci back together?

Recently Ryan and his girlfriend Dalis who have been dating since June 2011, have split! To make the situation more interesting Ryan and Maci have stated following each other on twitter. Maci has been tweeting things like: "Its insane the emotions and feelings that have resurfaced these last few days...I think I've finally learned to feel something, anything." 

What do you think? Now that they are both single, should these two give it another shot for Bentley? 

haha photo-shop... I tried. Ryan and Bentley made a gingerbread house last night.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Maci Went To ____ This Weekend!

Maci went to Dallas, and Oklahoma this weekend! Her best friend Raj joined her as they met up with friends from Dallas! During the trip they made a road trip to Oklahoma to celebrate a friends birthday! Maci Tweets: i love Texas! Looks to me like she had a great weekend:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stunt Master

Bentley is getting really good at doing tricks on his bike! He's becoming quite the stunts man, go Bentley!
Video of Bentley Popin Wheelies and doing a Nac Nac:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maci Caught With Film Crew

Maci has recently been caught with a film crew following her around again! Rumors have been floating around that the former Teen Mom star got a spin of show.

Back in September Maci was spotted with a camera crew, which sparked the idea of her having a reality show.

Since then the rumors have died down about the possibly of a show until Maci posted a photo of her being filmed on November 30th

Now, in December Maci has been spotted again with cameras, this time at a club with her friends! Maci is out partying while two men and a woman with cameras are surrounding her.

Since there has been multiple occasions of Maci with a film crew it leads me to believe Teen Mom wasn't the last of Maci Bookout on television. Seems to me like she has something in the works that her fans will enjoy!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

R.I.P Roxie

@MaciBookoutMTV: we had to put our dog to sleep today.. she was a 13 yr old boxer, best dog everrr. really tough day for my family #RIPRoxie
November 14, 1999 - December 1, 2012

Maci Bookout Engaged?

Maci proposed to her best friend and roommate Katie! Haha love how close their friendship is :)
i proposed, she said yes!