Friday, December 14, 2012

Ryan and Maci back together?

Recently Ryan and his girlfriend Dalis who have been dating since June 2011, have split! To make the situation more interesting Ryan and Maci have stated following each other on twitter. Maci has been tweeting things like: "Its insane the emotions and feelings that have resurfaced these last few days...I think I've finally learned to feel something, anything." 

What do you think? Now that they are both single, should these two give it another shot for Bentley? 

haha photo-shop... I tried. Ryan and Bentley made a gingerbread house last night.


  1. i think they should try again for bentley. cuz then he doesnt have to go back and fourth for his whole life.

  2. I think they should get back together because they look so good together and they need to get back together fo bentley he needs his dad and mom together where he wouldnt have to go back and fourth his whole entire life ...