Friday, September 28, 2012

Maci and Kyle... King/Regal?

Maci and Kyle Regal in March 2012
Maci just announced that she broke it off with long-trem boyfriend Kyle King yet again on September 23, 2012. Yesterday she flew out to Texas to hang out with her ex- boyfriend Kyle Regal (Kyle 2.0 Pro Supercross/Motocross racer) The two dated for a short period of just two months in-between her and Kyle King's breakup last February. Could she be dating Kyle Regal yet again? Which Kyle do you think is right for her? Leave a comment below :)

Maci and Kyle King                                                                  Maci and Kyle Regal                             


  1. All you see is what is on camera, or read in these tabloids. You'll never know the real "Kyle King" or the real "Kyle Regal", whatever Maci feels best with and who she is happy with and Bentley is happy with is up to her. She's still young, and going to make reckless decisions and doesn't mean that she has found the one yet... she's only 21

  2. omg Maci quit being STUPID! Kyle R. looks 12! .... KYLE K. LOVES YOU AND BENTLEY BUT UR TOO CAUGHT UP IN OTHER RELATIONSHIPS THAT YOU CANT SEE THAT! IM With Kyle K. But pick whoever... im not the one that has to deal with the decision my who life. Bentley loves Kyle K...... Think whats best for you AND Bentley not just yourself! D:

  3. Dude, maci is single and stated she and kyle regal are not dating. Stupid question when maci can be jus fine single, that is what's best but also everybody in the whole world are NOT in any of her relationships and should stop trying to be.