Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bentley is sick :(

On Monday, January 21, Maci tweeted: woke up to a sick little boy... looks like im doctor momma today!

Sadley the lil tike is still under the weather. Yesterday Maci tweeted: my poor baby is sick 

In the wee hours of this morning Maci tweeted: wish i could fall asleep... and i wish bentley wasnt sick... and i wish i could take care of him all day tomorrow instead of going to school

Hope Bentley get to feeling better soon. It's so sad to see little kids miserable. 


  1. “It's so sad to see little kids miserable.” – Yeah, it’s certainly sad to see them sick and helpless. Maci must be really in pain to see her little boy sick. She should bring Bently to his pediatrician to immediately give him relief from his sickness.

    >Oskar Aarden