Monday, January 7, 2013

Terry Adams and Bentley Edwards - BMX

Bentley got to ride his bicycle with Terry Adams (pro BMX rider) !!!

Terry got a pic of Maci riding the ramp like a champ!

Maci tweeted: two wheeeels   thanks for a great day 

Terry replied to the tweet: We still laughing about Bentley sprinting off after that crash.. That fool was running like a dog was chasing him

Maci replied: hahaha im tellin yuh, just run it off player.

After a long day of ridin his bike Bentley watched Supercross A1 then passed out

Later on in the week Ryan asked Terry how Bentley did.

Ryan: how did bentley do the other day

Terry: he did awesome man. He flipped over the bars a couple times but he walked it off. The footage is gonna be dope.

Ryan: lol thats funny. did you get to ride any

Terry: not too much. It started to get cold & rainy.. After they left I filmed a little night session.

Ryan: hell ya! come back an party anytime man. it was good meeting you!!

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