Monday, January 7, 2013

Maci's ex Kyle Regal has some harsh words for her new boyfriend

Remember Kyle Regal, the pro motocross racer Maci dated for 2 months? Well, I guess he's not to happy Maci's in a new relationship. 

Maci refers to her new boyfriend Taylor as her main thang.

Regal tweets: How many "main thangs" are you allowed to have in 2013? 

Taylor replies: I got yo main thang bro

Regal replied: you main course is my leftovers bro


  1. If Reagal wants to play it that way he needs to remember he was someone else leftovers also. Kyle King before Reagal and Ryan before King. So in all reality all of them had Ryan's left overs which has a son with Maci. GET OVER IT REAGAL!! She just wasn't that into you.

  2. "she just wasn't that into you.." So funny! Regal sounds just a tad bit jealous. It's ok regal, you just couldn't be her knight in shining bmx gear.

  3. I've lost ALL respect for her. I've def. was a fan of her but have unliked all of her pages. How many ppl do you sleep with in a matter of months? and even if thats NOT the case.. so much publicity for all these her sons life. Being a 22 yr.old mom myself kinda had the same situation as her in the beginning I'm still with one person fighting it out. Iono she should focus on herself her son and working on things with his dad.

  4. Maybe she doesnt want to be with his dad? Just because she had the same situation as you doesnt mean she needs to live how you live. She was single for a while. You can date while you have a kid long as you dont introduce them as their new dad. How can you find the right person without dating others? She has needs too and her son looks happy...