Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bentley Banned from PacSun

Seems like the little tike isn't as sweet as we all thought. Bentley did not get banned from PacSun, however, he is less then welcomed there.

Above, is a facebook post on Istagram on the left, and the comments on the right. Girl #1 (in red) is an employee at PacSun. Girl #2 (in blue) is her friend just commenting on the situation.
Girl #1:  She comes in pacsun and let's her child destroy everything. We less than like her. Haha 
Girl #2: hah that's funny as crap dude... I feel like he's probably extremely spoiled.
Girl #1: He's a TOTAL brat. It's her fault though, more worried about how other people see her than how her kid is being brought up
Girl #2: I really don't doubt that at all... I bet fame could do that to you

              All in all, children act up sometimes. I still think Maci is a fantastic mother to Bentley!

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  1. its also funny how they scratch there faces and names. so they more than likely r lying. and if they dont have kids they dont understand. they r not dogs and you can not train them to sit,roll over, dont touch anything, etc they r kids and toddlers at that they r just very curious and want to touch everything. that is not maci's fault dang yal just worry about you and what others think of u. leave benny and maci. if they r so wild in there then y dont u confront her in the store and just ask nicely can u not let him do that. i am sure she would understand instead of using internet to trash her.